May Carrión
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Something everyone should watch, whether you are a girl, boy, or register in a different category. It’s amazing how something as simple as three little words, “like a girl” can potentially make someone doubt themselves, insult them, and change their outlook about the way they are and the way they do things.

Please share and promote strength and equality. Be more aware of how your words could effect another person.

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«La única gente que me interesa es la que está loca, la gente que está loca por vivir, loca por hablar, loca por salvarse, con ganas de todo al mismo tiempo, la gente que nunca bosteza ni habla de lugares comunes, sino que arde, arde como fabulosos cohetes amarillos explotando igual que arañas entre las estrellas» By JACK KEROUAC  (via unabarbacualquiera)